Celine Baron


1969 born in Paris

German Studies, Modern Literature, moved to Berlin, Project management for different translation agencies and theaters

2005|08           Training as Reiki master and teacher, in the tradition of Dr. Usui

2008|09           Shamanic Training with Daan van Kampenhout

2009|10           Systemic Ritual® Training (SRT) with Daan van Kampenhout

2010|21           Organization and execution of seminars for Daan van Kampenhout in Berlin and Paris:

                       Wheels and Stones, Shaman’s Body, Shaman’s Soul Berlin, The Four Seasons, The Tree of Life,
                       A Meeting with the Spirit of traditional Shamanism, Vitalizing the Body and Soul, SRT II,
                       SRT III, SRT IV and SRT V, The Masculine, the Feminine and the In between, Shaman’s Body,
                       Shaman’s Soul Paris, The Animal Soul & the Soul Animal, Principles of shamanic Healing,
                       CollectiveSystemic Ritual®, SRT for Facilitators, Rituals on The Wheel of the Four
                       Directions, The Shaman’s Language, Systemic Ritual® Open Group, The Healing of the
, The spirit of creation and the creation of spirit, Man – Woman – Shaman, The
                       shamanic world of animals.

2017|21            Introduction into the shamanic Trance, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin

2020|21            Contact person questions/answers for the online-sessions Singing and Drums
                        by Daan von Kampenhout

Since 2009       Group work and personal consultations in Berlin and Paris                                 weitere Informationen zum Profil von Celine Baron



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