Je me laisse aimer [I let myself be loved] by Daan van Kampenhout, translated from the German by Céline Baron.
To have undertaken the translation of this manual into French is a beautiful way to share Daan's teachings with you. I warmly thank the publisher Éditions L'Originel Charles Antoni for having chosen to publish this book and to give it a place in the French-speaking world.

Dating, encountering, meeting, relating. Call it the way you want!
I let myself be loved is a manual of 80 rituals that prepare you for the relationship: clearing energies and patterns from the past, opening yourself to new things, creating healthy boundaries and practicing the thousand and one ways of connecting to the other. Rituals for all those who, as a couple or single, wish to look at the dynamics of past, present and future relationships.
By clicking on this link you will find a 4-minute video in which I talk about the book with Jonas Endres from Éditions L'Originel.

If you want to order the book in French, it is possible here and now.

Private sessions – ONLINE

At the moment, we experience a very special time. For many of us, it brings a lot of changes and sometimes uncertainties too. Even more than usual, it is about taking care of oneself, of our relationship to our fellow human beings, of our strength and in general of our trust in life. The topics of the actual life phase can raise completely different issues.
Whatever you take to heart, I invite you to online sessions. Let us look at these questions together and find resources for them. The sessions can be more or less long – from half an hour to two hours. We agree about it then.

When   On request
Where   From home - online
EUR 75 per hour

Registration at

Private sessions – Using constellations to address your concerns

I work with the aid of systemic rituals. You introduce your life issues and questions to begin with. What form does my everyday life take? What is my relationship with work? Can I develop my potential? How is my creativity? How do I maintain my strength and vitality? What difficulties do I encounter? Together we will explore these issues, drawing on natural resources for support.

When   On request
Where   10247 Berlin Friedrichshain (U5 Samariterstr.)
or in Paris on request
Cost   EUR 75 per hour individual session

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SHAMANS, TRANCES and ARCHAIC TECHNIQUES – When it comes to discoveries...

Trances have always played a key role in the shamanic tradition. In this series of workshops, we use techniques which enable us to discover new perspectives and new opportunities. The work includes the wheel of the four cardinal directions, learning about one's own power animal and the journey through the other worlds. The aim is to utilize the trance to open up new potential. Over the course of the days, I will provide you with an overview of the role of shamanic tools such as the rattle, drum and singing.

Leader Céline Baron
These days are suitable for all. Previous knowledge is not required.

On request
As individual session: three meetings. Each meeting lasts 3 hours.
Where   ONLINE
or in Berlin, Germany
or in Paris on request
Cost   EUR 225,- per meeting

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This shorter format is intended for those with previous experience of shamanic visualisation techniques or similar. The topics covered are the same as in the longer introduction. However, there are fewer exercises. During this workshop we will cover the basics in theory and practice with exercises including: the elements of trance, the Wheel of Four Directions, the three worlds, the journey to power animals and ancestors.

On request
As individual session: 4 hours.
Where   ONLINE
in Berlin, Germany
or in Paris on request
Cost   EUR 290,- per meeting

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Workshop held in English

We all have questions, In the course of our lives, we often look for answers, direction, change. In these moments, rituals offer a time window. They allow us to enter new spaces, to acquire a different understanding and then also to return to everyday life strengthened.

During this series of seminars we will experience the power of rituals.
With the help of the Systemic Ritual® and the change of perspective that the four directions imply, we will gain information and new insights, we will search for resources and initiate movement.

The power of rituals is an invitation to develop more inspiration and confidence. It is about becoming more complete, finding more courage to live and getting closer and closer to our own essence.

When   On request for group of 5 people or more
10:00-12:30 – 13:00-15:30.
Where   ONLINE
or in Berlin, Germany
or in Paris on request
Cost   EUR 85 per meeting

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We often consider issues familiar to us from a particular perspective. During the 'Changing Perspective' evening, we explore their different aspects.
Most of the time, we know what is happening in our head. But how does the body respond? And what about on an emotional level and how is the soul?

Using the answers that we receive we can open up space for support and resources.
The tool we use is the wheel of the four cardinal directions. This technique combines elements of shamanic tradition and the systemic approach.
Let me surprise you with this combination of tradition and modernity...

These evenings are suitable for all. Previous knowledge is not required. I lead a form of Systemic Ritual which I have developed for the whole group.

When    One evening a month, 19:45 - 21:45
Temporary pause.
Where   10247 Berlin Friedrichshain (U5 Samariterstr.)
Cost   EUR 35 per evening

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