Systemic Ritual®

Daan van Kampenhout is the founder of Systemic Ritual®.
Over the last ten years, he has developed this technique which is often described as a well-balanced mix of shamanism and the classical family constellation method. Daan van Kampenhout describes Systemic Ritual® as the child of a systemic father and a shamanic mother with an individuality all of its own.

From family constellations, it has inherited the method of representation and the use of healing sentences. From shamanism it has adopted the sound of the drum, ongoing prayers and the fixed structures that guide the ritual’s movements.

At the heart of Systemic Ritual® is the archaic essence of the client’s story – more than precise details. In that sense, the work on the individual or collective level can become a movement of healing for the whole participant group.

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Perceive your own potential
Increase your inner strength
Engage external resources
orientation and points of reference
Recognize structures
Approach it systemically
Embrace body and soul
Go with the cycles
Make time and room     Zur Seite Gespräch - Celine Baron